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Poe-ish Notes

Poe-ish Notes

5 1/2″ x 8″  Poe-ish Notes are an example of my taking liberties with published works. Edgar Allen Poe deserves better than this but it was a fun exercise. I’ve taken some of Poe’s poems and edited them down to a few words. Images come to my mind and I incorporate them into the overall image. Using just one color helps me keep to the singular thought I try to portray. The materials are simple too: a book page, a marker, and cardstock.

Created and posted for day 10 of Art Every Day Month. I was inspired to try this art form by a book I reviewed some months ago, when I was the Books editor at The Roanoke Times. I recommended it then, and I recommend it now.  Austin Kleon’s “Newspaper Blackout”  is a collection of poems he created by blacking out the majority of newspaper pages. I figured if I started my poetry with the works of a great poet, I couldn’t go terribly wrong.  

By Heather Brush.

My Mother


A Dream

Annabel Lee