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Smoking Tin Man

Smoking TIn Man

2″ x 6″  Smoking Tin Man is an assemblage piece in my people series. He is created from antique tins for pipe tobacco and denture powder. His head is made from the remains of a medal of some sort, and a cigarette snap loads tin. I truly would have liked to see someone get a bang out of those in person. I have a twisted sense of humor.

Smoking Tin Man rear view

Smoking Tin Man

This piece is posted for day 12 of Art Every Day Month. By Heather Brush. For sale.


Pop’s Vices

Pop’s Vices front view

SOLD!!!!     12″ x 11″ Pop’s Vices is an assemblage piece representing the working man’s inner vices. An antique lunchbox is the base and the outside remains presentable, as father would be to the world.

Pop’s Vices top view

The top shows father leaving his loving family for a day at work.

Pop’s Vices right side view

Pop’s Vices alternate right side view

The cards on the sides depict fathers, hard at work.

Pop’s Vices left side view

Pop’s Vices alternate left side view

Inside, we find the other side of father. The tools of leisure: the pipe, the cigarettes, the tobacco and lighter. The cards and dice. The drink. The pin-up girls and the evidence of lust. All hidden away from the world. But in this instance, the Pandora’s box is left wide open.

Pop’s Vices front left side detail

Pop’s Vices front right side detail

Pop’s Vices

By Heather Brush.