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Give Us Us A Sign II

Give Us A Sign II

SOLD  3″ x  5″  Give Us A Sign II is a mini assemblage, the sister work of Give Us A Sign. The box itself is made of the corner salvage from a ouija board I used to make All Seeing Eye. An iron bird waits to give a message from beyond while a bell hangs, ready for the hand of spirit to give it a push. Is there anyone out there? Give us a sign.

By Heather Brush.

Give Us A Sign top view

This piece is posted and created for the Art Every Day Month challenge. It was created yesterday and posted today as I am in the middle of taking in a teenager whose mother, and friend of mine, has just passed away suddenly. We are adjusting.


Give Us A Sign

Give Us A Sign

SOLD     3″ x  5″  Give Us A Sign is a mini assemblage. I don’t throw anything away and this little box was created using the salvaged corners of the ouija board I used to make The Eye of Intuition. The iron bird above waits to deliver messages from beyond while below a bell waits to be rung by spirit’s hand. By Heather Brush.

This piece was made for day 3 of Art Every Day Month.

Give Us A Sign top view

Give Us A Sign detail

The Eye of Intuition – DISMANTLED

The Eye of Intuition

10″ x 10″ The Eye of Intuition is an assemblage work that incorporates a box made from a modern Ouija Board. The box is covered in cheese cloth, representing the veil between our world and the afterlife. A wire hand, holding the eye of knowledge, approaches the planchette. Bells are hung to give the spirits something easy to utilize to let us know they are present. Can you unlock the secrets to the afterlife? The magic eight ball rests above in a brass throne, waiting for you to pick it up and ask a question.

This piece was done in honor of The Day of the Dead…don’t forget to recognize your lost loved ones. It is also the first in my efforts to participate in Art Every Day.


The Eye of Intuition detail

detail of hand

The Eye of Intuition side view

All Seeing Eye

All Seeing Eye

9″ x 7″ All Seeing Eye is an assemblage, utilizing a box made from an old Ouija board. The wire hand, with the symbolic all seeing eye, hovers over the planchette. White candles accompany a crystal ball and 8 ball to assure positive energy, while the face of tragedy appears in the corner. Above, all is watched over by a black bird. By Heather Brush. All Seeing Eye is available for sale at The Artisan Center Along the Crooked Road, in Rocky Mount, VA. $40.

detail of wire hand

Detail of tragedy

Detail of black bird