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On the Line

On the Line

“On the Line” is a 4′ x 7″ mixed media assemblage by Heather Brush.

detailThe birds on the wire are made of upcycled antique Remington typewriter keys and key pads, wire, and wire ribbon. The background is collaged of bits of pages from antique children’s books.



Golden Girls

Golden Girls







6″ X 5″  Golden Girls are assemblage pieces. Call them angels or fairies, they are ready to hang and watch over your world.





Posted for day 16 of Art Every Day Month, by Heather Brush, for sale.















Coffee Shop Art

Enter the coffee shop










Like so many many many others, I start my days with coffee. So when a chance came up to tap into this zombie, er, addicted, um, resourceful group of consumers, by hanging my art in a coffee shop, I downed an espresso and bolted for it. I’m hopeful that java sippers will look up from their laptops, books, and pastries to gaze at the stuff on the walls.

at the plug-in bar








Concave Canopy and Cherry Blossom assemblage, mixed media pieces.

A closer look at Cherry Blossom











By the Silvery Moon, Boneyard Tree, Childsplay Tree

Color in the corners









Weeping Willow and Between the Lines

Mill Mountain Coffee on Starkey Road (and Ogden Road) in Roanoke, VA










Thanks to Mill Mountain Coffee, with hope, I’ll be helping to wake the people of Roanoke.

Another new gallery show

One Kiss, Frog Prince


I hung my fairy tale series of mixed media and assemblages recently. It feels like a fairy tale to me, being allowed to show my work in another Roanoke gallery. This one is special. 2nd Helpings is a gallery that represents more than 100 artists on a rotating basis. Artists receive a percentage of the sales for their work and all Gallery profits are donated to the Roanoke Rescue Mission to help provide the basics needed: food, shelter and medical attention.



This view shows Pandora’s Box, Cindy’s Slipper, Acts of Kindness and One Kiss, Frog Prince.






This view shows Slow Rider, Rose Red, and Red’s Wolf. Red’s Wolf was photographed to be the cover image of the current issue of Roanoke College’s Roanoke Review, an annual national  journal that publishes poetry and short fiction.

2nd Helpings gallery (and cafe) is at 1502 Williamson Road in Roanoke, Va. 

Just a few blocks past the Roanoke Civic Center.



SOLD! 23″ x 28″  Blush is a collage in glass. Antique plates and bowls are surrounded by shattered remnants.

In honor of baby girls, I offer this piece to the world.

Ready to hang, by Heather Brush.

A little bird told

A little bird told

10″ x 12″  A little bird told, an assemblage piece, is part of my bird series of art. This piece began a long time ago, when I was a little girl and my visits with daddy would begin with him telling me that a little bird told him one thing or another about me. I sometimes wished that bird would keep its secrets safe. Here,  the bird sits on a nest of barbed wire and secrets, while little by little, the secrets escape.

Having broken through the glass, truth breaks free of the protective bubble. The bird is metal and clutches in its beak a metal chain holding a scroll. The base is an antique oil lamp wall mount.

In more natural light

Above, you can see the truer colors of the piece. The brown and black are paints just the way they were found. Note the beautiful scrollwork of the iron holder. They just don’t make things like this anymore.

Whether you let your secret birds fly of try to  hold them close, the piece may speak to you.

By Heather Brush. For sale.

Blown by the winds of time

Blown by the winds of time

12″ x 18″   Blown by the winds of time is an assemblage in my tree series. There is irony in this post, as I was trying to compose it on the evening of the 6/29/12 wind storm that Virginia caught the brunt of. The east coast felt the result in millions without power; Virginia lost six people to the storm. As I finished this piece, took its photo and prepared to give it a spot here on the blog, the winds were whipping straight through the area at 80 mph at times. Countless trees were whipped and blown, toppled and felled.

I love the texture and color of old barbed wire and rusty metal; it’s rich and full of history. This wire came from a fellow artist’s farm, and another ancient farm that used to be behind my home. The rusty metal on the base was found on a hike with my kids last Thanksgiving day in Rocky Mount, VA. They are used to me carrying things out of the woods and storing them away until needed. What? It’s only been seven months! The box that the metal covers is an old cigar box; I have no idea how long I’ve had that in the studio. Things just pile up in there, waiting to become art.

By Heather Brush. For sale.