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Coffee Shop Art

Enter the coffee shop










Like so many many many others, I start my days with coffee. So when a chance came up to tap into this zombie, er, addicted, um, resourceful group of consumers, by hanging my art in a coffee shop, I downed an espresso and bolted for it. I’m hopeful that java sippers will look up from their laptops, books, and pastries to gaze at the stuff on the walls.

at the plug-in bar








Concave Canopy and Cherry Blossom assemblage, mixed media pieces.

A closer look at Cherry Blossom











By the Silvery Moon, Boneyard Tree, Childsplay Tree

Color in the corners









Weeping Willow and Between the Lines

Mill Mountain Coffee on Starkey Road (and Ogden Road) in Roanoke, VA










Thanks to Mill Mountain Coffee, with hope, I’ll be helping to wake the people of Roanoke.


A Solo Show

My Tree Series on display

A little theatre in Roanoke, Virginia, has allowed me to present a solo show this summer of my Tree Series. I love and support community theater and Studio Roanoke in particular.


My tree lined artist statement

I approached theater owner Kenley Smith about showing my artwork this Spring upon seeing a wonderful bit of artwork that is used in Studio Roanoke’s marketing. I had completed a piece that is eerily similar.




Another relevant piece shown is one that I completed on 6/29/2012, during a wind storm that did a bit of damage to our region.

Blown by the Winds of Time

During the storm, Studio Roanoke lost a Bradford Pear tree just outside the entrance. I went by to take a photo of the missing tree, and found a heart shaped stump.

For the love of theatre, and art.

There will be happenings at Studio Roanoke over the next month where you can have the opportunity to check out this solo showing of my work, and some awesome events.

Gallery Move

Heather Brush’s art

The Artisan Center Along the Crooked Road in Rocky Mount, VA, had the opportunity to move into the bigger of two buildings it owns. I took the opportunity to help the owner and our friends move the works of the artists, though I certainly did a lot less work than the others!

My display is just inside one of the entryways! Sweet spot.

Go check it out on Franklin Street, Rocky Mount, VA 24151.



8″ x 8″  Greentea is part of my teapot assemblage series. The base was a Celtic knot-like decorative piece. Holding the small teapot is an old metal candlestick. The “tea” is made of beads, antique dressmaker’s sequins and wire.


These ceramic teapots are delightful to see but the feel of them is even better. I imagine it warm and full of aromatic liquid, but empty, it is smooth as eggshells and holds the warmth of the hands that cradle it.


By Heather Brush. For sale.

Sweet Mocha

Sweet Mocha

10″  x  13″   Sweet Mocha is an assemblage in my teapot series. Upcycling found objects, I create artworks that give a new feel to old things. Here, served on a silvertone tray, a brown ceramic coffee/tea carafe  pours sweet mocha into a delicate tea cup. I love the lines of the carafe and the opposing daintiness of the cup.

Sweet Mocha


Sweet Mocha


Sweet Mocha

By Heather Brush. For sale.

Dark Brew

Dark Brew

8″  x  8″   Dark Brew is an assemblage in my teapot series of sculptures. Using found objects and combining them into something new, this altered art takes recycling to a new level. Upcycling old pieces found at thrift stores, I create objects that will illicit a smile or thought.

Dark Brew is created from an old candleholder, small teapot and china teacup. The tea is created from beads and wire.

Dark Brew

By Heather Brush. For sale.


Dark Brew