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Purple Haze


22″  x  22″,  Purple Haze is a glass on glass mosaic, ready to hang in a window or on a wall. Featuring an antique Moroccan glass octagonal plate  and bits and pieces of purple shards, this piece is full of color and shape.

IMG_1914The window was found at a Habitat for Humanity salvage store. The back side still holds some paint but this weathered side excited me; I love worn wood. I searched for few weeks for the perfect centerpiece for the mosaic and found it rather easily at a local antique mall, just down the road from my house. It was in the second booth I visited and I’m quite sure I embarrassed my 17 year old son by shouting, “This is PERFECT!”. I get excited when parts of my art fall into place. What can be better than that?

IMG_1922The backside is really just as pretty as the front. If someone wanted to display it this side out, I could easily work on the paint job and move the hangars.

IMG_1923Detail of back.

And for the inspiration of the title, here’s a link to that classic Hendrix.

For sale, by Heather Brush.




SOLD! 23″ x 28″  Blush is a collage in glass. Antique plates and bowls are surrounded by shattered remnants.

In honor of baby girls, I offer this piece to the world.

Ready to hang, by Heather Brush.

Green pieces

Green pieces

SOLD!  28″ x 28″  Green pieces is a mosaic on glass. The old window came from a friend of mine who scavenged it. (love that!) The purple glass circles are old stage lighting gels, and the green ones are antique glass plates. The purple bits in the center are the remains of an ornate jar and the green pieces (there’s the title!) are bits of smashed green glass vases. The purple gels were the inspiration for the work, as they just made me so happy to gaze through in the sunlight. Together the piece gives a calming feeling, with some interesting contrast to keep the eye entertained.

Green pieces

My mosaics are not traditional as they have no grout surrounding the pieces of glass. I use a clear glue to adhere the bits. This creates more of a free form stained glass. Green pieces is ready to hang in a sunny spot.

Green pieces

Why call it Green pieces? Well for obvious reasons but also because I was listening to Greensleeves as I made it, and Green pieces sort of sounds like that. Such a heartbreaking song with such a lovely tune.

By Heather Brush. For sale.