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Healing Angel


IMG_8081 Healing Angel is an altered book piece. She is roughly a foot tall and rotates on her stand. Created from an antique home medical reference book, her feathered wings are aged pages of obscurity.  Created by Heather Brush  IMG_8074IMG_8076 IMG_8079 IMG_8083


The Angel of Diction

The Angel of Diction









7″ x  9″  The Angel of Diction is an assemblage piece honoring the English teachers of yesterday, and a drama teacher I had in high school, Bert Pollack, whose partner would yell out “e-NUN-ciate!!!”  Tomayto, tomahto, this little book, published in 1915 gave the guidance one needed to speak correctly. Mmm hmm. I’m from Long Island, NY originally, and my vernacular has probably never been very correct. I dare say this angel would be shaking her little head at me.





















This piece was created for Day Four of Art Every Day Month. By Heather Brush.


Table of Conundrums

Table of Conundrums

23″ x 30″  Table of Conundrums is an altered piece, fully functional and ready to inspire a smile. This antique table has beautiful simple lines and wood tone. The top was slightly discolored (someone had some beverages on the bare wood), and called for assistance. I love the fade and age of old book pages and felt that rather than stripping the top, adding a layer of interest might be better.

The book was printed in 1902 and was falling apart, so not to worry book lovers, I’d never kill a book without consideration. “Conundrums, Riddles, Puzzles and Gags,” by John Ray was published by Frederick J. Drake & Company. The pages are full of one-liners, jokes and puns, many of which are demonstrative of the time period in which the book was published.

Sealed and safe for reading or serving tea on.

By Heather Brush, for sale.