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Golden Girls

Golden Girls







6″ X 5″  Golden Girls are assemblage pieces. Call them angels or fairies, they are ready to hang and watch over your world.





Posted for day 16 of Art Every Day Month, by Heather Brush, for sale.
















15 + 1 assemblage angels

15 + 1 assemblage angels








Assemblage art is a gathering of materials to create something new. These angels are created from antique wooden dominoes, rusty wire, rusty metal and antique buttons. They are all about three inches tall and hang on wire (not seen in photos).






This is the +1 angel; there’s one in every crowd who just has to stand out among the rest.









This host of angels will soon be flying around the One Block East Gallery in Roanoke, VA. For sale, by Heather Brush.



3″ x 3″ Key is an assemblage angel made of antique domino, found keys and antique button. By Heather Brush.

Rust Angels




U.S. Marine Corps

Deep Six



Each rust angel is about 3″ x 3″. They are assemblage pieces comprised of antique dominoes, antique buttons, rusty metal and wire. By Heather Brush. $7.50 plus shipping, each.

Night and Day

Night and Day

3″x 3″ Night and Day, named for the images on the buttons, is an assemble angel made of antique domino, wire, antique buttons and reclaimed chain. By Heather Brush.



3″ x 3″ Pearl is an assemblage angel made of antique domino, antique buttons, wire and reclaimed chain with pendant. By Heather Brush.

A Pair of Sevens

Seven 1

Seven 2

 6″ x 4″ Seven 1 and Seven 2 are assemblage angels made of antique dominoes, playing cards, Monopoly money, dice and wire.

By Heather Brush.