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Healing Angel


IMG_8081 Healing Angel is an altered book piece. She is roughly a foot tall and rotates on her stand. Created from an antique home medical reference book, her feathered wings are aged pages of obscurity.  Created by Heather Brush  IMG_8074IMG_8076 IMG_8079 IMG_8083


Table of Conundrums

Table of Conundrums

23″ x 30″  Table of Conundrums is an altered piece, fully functional and ready to inspire a smile. This antique table has beautiful simple lines and wood tone. The top was slightly discolored (someone had some beverages on the bare wood), and called for assistance. I love the fade and age of old book pages and felt that rather than stripping the top, adding a layer of interest might be better.

The book was printed in 1902 and was falling apart, so not to worry book lovers, I’d never kill a book without consideration. “Conundrums, Riddles, Puzzles and Gags,” by John Ray was published by Frederick J. Drake & Company. The pages are full of one-liners, jokes and puns, many of which are demonstrative of the time period in which the book was published.

Sealed and safe for reading or serving tea on.

By Heather Brush, for sale.

Golden light

Golden light

SOLD  28″ x 28″  Golden Light is a collage in glass. A serving platter sits in the middle of four antique plates, surrounded by bits and pieces of relative glassware.

This piece is ready to hang. By Heather Brush, for sale.



SOLD! 23″ x 28″  Blush is a collage in glass. Antique plates and bowls are surrounded by shattered remnants.

In honor of baby girls, I offer this piece to the world.

Ready to hang, by Heather Brush.

This one is just for me

This one is just for me

18″  x  36″   Finally I created something just for me! I do a lot of art to put in the galleries and art to give to friends, but hardly ever make something with myself in mind. Over the summer I’d gone to a fundraiser for my favorite animal shelter and had seen a coffee table that I fell in love with. But it was too big for my tiny livingroom. So I left without it. The image of it stayed in my mind though, as I’m sure happens to a lot of artists. So, when I found a new salvaged computer desk for my son at Goodwill, I bought it for $20. Then I took the old one that he’d had and started changing it completely. This desk had been used and abused by two teenagers and before that, it had been my office desk. Plain, varnished pine, scratched, carved, drawn on and yes, gum underneath. Thought I had taught my kids better! But now:

I cut down the legs to coffee table height, then painted the legs black, and several coats of various colors on the top. Yellow, red, blue, green. I couldn’t wait for them to dry so I could begin attacking it! Then with scraper, electric sander and lots of stress relieving pressure, I distressed the top until it made me happy to look at.

Finishing with two coats of poly and sanding to oblivion, I brought the table in. But something wasn’t quite right. Today, I fixed it. Two inches off each leg. Ahh!!! With feet up, I post this entry for Art Every Day Month. It took a good deal longer than one day to make, but since I chopped off the legs today and can finally completely enjoy it, I feel it fits the requires for my participation in this wonderful group.

By Heather Brush. NOT for sale.

Forest for the Trees – SOLD!

Forest for the Trees back side

21″  x  54″   Forest for the Trees is a glass mosaic. This first photo shows the back side, rough and sharp, but beautiful. The base is an antique window that I picked up at a salvage yard. The trees are antique glass plates and surrounding glass is from green glassware that I had. SMASH! The joy in creating a mosaic like this is in fitting the randomly shaped pieces together. And of course, the finished product. Can you see the forest for the trees?

Forest for the Trees front side

Forest for the Trees

Forest for the Trees

This piece is rather heavy but can be hung in a window or on a wall with back lighting.

By Heather Brush. For sale. SOLD! Just two days in the gallery!

Green pieces

Green pieces

SOLD!  28″ x 28″  Green pieces is a mosaic on glass. The old window came from a friend of mine who scavenged it. (love that!) The purple glass circles are old stage lighting gels, and the green ones are antique glass plates. The purple bits in the center are the remains of an ornate jar and the green pieces (there’s the title!) are bits of smashed green glass vases. The purple gels were the inspiration for the work, as they just made me so happy to gaze through in the sunlight. Together the piece gives a calming feeling, with some interesting contrast to keep the eye entertained.

Green pieces

My mosaics are not traditional as they have no grout surrounding the pieces of glass. I use a clear glue to adhere the bits. This creates more of a free form stained glass. Green pieces is ready to hang in a sunny spot.

Green pieces

Why call it Green pieces? Well for obvious reasons but also because I was listening to Greensleeves as I made it, and Green pieces sort of sounds like that. Such a heartbreaking song with such a lovely tune.

By Heather Brush. For sale.