Sole Worthy

Sole Worthy










8 1/2″  x 16″    Sole Worthy is a simple assemblage regarding the shoe. The background is an antique New York Times Book Review back cover advertisement from 1920. This is the actual page, not a reproduction. The ad shows straightforward details of shoe construction with typical period text and illustration. The wood form at the top shows remains of a shoemaker’s work, and it is these marks that endear the item to me. I adore seeing the physical results of long past human touch.














I would love to  know the little boy who wore this shoe. The sole was worn to smooth tread, nailheads edging the heel and toe. Surely this must have been handed down, brother to brother, for a single boy could not have worn it so before outgrowing it.




By Heather Brush, for sale.

This piece is posted for day 5 of Art Every Day Month.



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