I can often be seen taking photos in our little city of Roanoke. We have an abundance, well maybe not that many, of turn of the century (the 1900s) storefronts. I adore the architecture and the history of them. My photos reflect this stability, this firm testament to time. Now and then, I like to capture the moments of life though, the instant of movement, an essence of soul. Please don’t steal the image, but if you do, refer back to me. Thanks.

This particular photo, Flight, is one of those moments. Taken with a Canon EOS Rebel  T3 digital camera, the image has not been altered except a cropping. I offer it as my Day 3 post for Art Every Day Month, which was actually yesterday. I’ll be caught up later today with another post regarding a certain angel I’ve been working  on.  By Heather Brush.



4 responses to “Flight

  1. You could spend your whole life waiting for a moment like this…wow!

  2. The bird is so ethereal … becoming invisible. Very nice photo. I hope you don’t mind, but I’m Pinteresting this to my “Art I Love” board.

  3. Love it!! Great capture…… by chance Roanoke Va? My sister used to live in Bumpass…gorgeous area!

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