Coffee Shop Art

Enter the coffee shop










Like so many many many others, I start my days with coffee. So when a chance came up to tap into this zombie, er, addicted, um, resourceful group of consumers, by hanging my art in a coffee shop, I downed an espresso and bolted for it. I’m hopeful that java sippers will look up from their laptops, books, and pastries to gaze at the stuff on the walls.

at the plug-in bar








Concave Canopy and Cherry Blossom assemblage, mixed media pieces.

A closer look at Cherry Blossom











By the Silvery Moon, Boneyard Tree, Childsplay Tree

Color in the corners









Weeping Willow and Between the Lines

Mill Mountain Coffee on Starkey Road (and Ogden Road) in Roanoke, VA










Thanks to Mill Mountain Coffee, with hope, I’ll be helping to wake the people of Roanoke.

One response to “Coffee Shop Art

  1. Pete Johnson Jr

    Hi Heather – You met talkative me last night at No Shame. Thanks for talking. You ARE an artist, and I’m happy to see your work! Thank you. – Pete

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