Liberty Nutcracker

As a local artist, I was honored to be asked to art up a nutcracker for a fundraiser. The Southwest Virginia Ballet will be holding an online auction soon, with nutcrackers painted, embellished, and re-created by artists from the Roanoke, VA area. Honoring my NY upbringing and the open arms attitude that Lady Liberty stands for, I chose the Statue of Liberty theme for mine.

Lady Liberty Nutcracker

Liberty is about 14″ tall. She began her transformation as a unisex, bare wood form. Being an assemblage artist, I’m accustomed to taking an object and recreating it to be something else. Here, I made the form more female, dressed her in a robe created from dress pattern paper, added a stiffening agent, paint, and created her crown, book and torch.

As a child I was able to climb to the top and peek out of one of the windows in the Statue of Liberty’s crown; I’ll never forget it. As an adult, I’m happy to be able to offer my artistic efforts to this fundraiser for the Southwest Virginia Ballet.

By Heather Brush; auction announcement will be made known when available.


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