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Coffee Shop Art

Enter the coffee shop










Like so many many many others, I start my days with coffee. So when a chance came up to tap into this zombie, er, addicted, um, resourceful group of consumers, by hanging my art in a coffee shop, I downed an espresso and bolted for it. I’m hopeful that java sippers will look up from their laptops, books, and pastries to gaze at the stuff on the walls.

at the plug-in bar








Concave Canopy and Cherry Blossom assemblage, mixed media pieces.

A closer look at Cherry Blossom











By the Silvery Moon, Boneyard Tree, Childsplay Tree

Color in the corners









Weeping Willow and Between the Lines

Mill Mountain Coffee on Starkey Road (and Ogden Road) in Roanoke, VA










Thanks to Mill Mountain Coffee, with hope, I’ll be helping to wake the people of Roanoke.


Silver Moons Rising

Silver Moons Rising








These owl-ish pieces are little bits of Halloween fun. Each is 5″ x 5″ and ready to hang. Mixed media on canvas, the works are comprised of acrylic, layered sewing pattern paper, oil pastels, and spackle medium.

Owl Guard You










Who’s There?










Hoots Watching











Meow Moon








Meow Moon is 8″ x 10″ and is also a mixed media piece on canvas, ready to hang. The same process was used as in the owls except for the addition of the cat, a found object that I modified and painted.

By Heather Brush, for sale at One Block East Gallery in Roanoke, VA.


Red’s Wolf takes the cover

Red’s Wolf takes the cover

Red’s Wolf is a mixed media piece I did among my fairy tale series. She currently hangs with some friends in the 2nd Helpings Gallery in Roanoke, VA.  Earlier this year I was asked by Dr. Paul Hanstedt at Roanoke College for the use of her image on the cover of their annual national journal, The Roanoke Review. Of course, I agreed!







The original:

As a cover girl, little Red has a certain innocence, yet she boldly holds her ground to the presence of her wolf. Life is like that.

Red’s Wolf is for sale, as are copies of The Roanoke Review.

Hoots Out There

Hoots Out There

SOLD!  A series of mixed media canvases for Halloween. 8″ x 10″, 4″ x 12″, and 5″ x 5″. I found the owl trivets at my local Goodwill and had to bring them home. My grandma had these in her kitchen; she loved owls, and seeing them brought back memories of sitting at her table while she drank coffee, hot pot on an owl trivet.

These are canvas pieces, ready to hang. Underlayers are covered with dress pattern paper, which also helped mold the trees. Top layers add to the depth of the sky.

For sale, by Heather Brush.

15 + 1 assemblage angels

15 + 1 assemblage angels








Assemblage art is a gathering of materials to create something new. These angels are created from antique wooden dominoes, rusty wire, rusty metal and antique buttons. They are all about three inches tall and hang on wire (not seen in photos).






This is the +1 angel; there’s one in every crowd who just has to stand out among the rest.









This host of angels will soon be flying around the One Block East Gallery in Roanoke, VA. For sale, by Heather Brush.

Liberty Nutcracker

As a local artist, I was honored to be asked to art up a nutcracker for a fundraiser. The Southwest Virginia Ballet will be holding an online auction soon, with nutcrackers painted, embellished, and re-created by artists from the Roanoke, VA area. Honoring my NY upbringing and the open arms attitude that Lady Liberty stands for, I chose the Statue of Liberty theme for mine.

Lady Liberty Nutcracker

Liberty is about 14″ tall. She began her transformation as a unisex, bare wood form. Being an assemblage artist, I’m accustomed to taking an object and recreating it to be something else. Here, I made the form more female, dressed her in a robe created from dress pattern paper, added a stiffening agent, paint, and created her crown, book and torch.

As a child I was able to climb to the top and peek out of one of the windows in the Statue of Liberty’s crown; I’ll never forget it. As an adult, I’m happy to be able to offer my artistic efforts to this fundraiser for the Southwest Virginia Ballet.

By Heather Brush; auction announcement will be made known when available.