On Consignment

I can frequently be seen taking photos in and around the downtown area of Roanoke, VA. I love the small town feel of this little city, with its eclectic collection of shops in mostly antique buildings. Stores in town often have pressed tin ceilings and original hardwood floors, and they exude a feeling of hardworking business owners and friendly exuberance. I want to be a part of that; my option is to get my work on consignment in these places; I have been met with open arms.

Teapot series sculptures in the window of Freckles

Freckles is an awesome retro store and coffee shop on Kirk Avenue in Roanoke. Kirk is my favorite street in town.

The owner met with me and embraced my artwork. I’m thrilled to be part of her shop!

Ripple on Market

Ripple is an eclectic artsy hippie gypsy rock-n-roll type of smoke and gift shop!” A recent move to Market Street from 1st Street in Roanoke has opened Ripple up to a lot more foot traffic. Across from the historic (yet totally revamped) market building, this area has been a place to sell wares for a very long time. Being a part of that environment is important to me. Not just to sell my work but to be a part of tradition in Roanoke.

I approached the owner after seeing a sign in the window that she was looking for artists to consign work in the store. I was on a photo stroll around town when I saw the sign. I was on a photo stroll again when I took these shots last night. Thanks for giving me a chance Ripple!


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