Galleries refreshed

The Artisan Center

Wares have been refreshed at local galleries. The above photo shows pieces new to the Artisan Center Along the Crooked Road in Rocky Mount, VA. This display shows much of my “book series” works, including Singing Praises,  and The Return. There are also a few whimsical assemblage pieces to be seen, like Merry, Crystal, and Little Goldie Goldfish. (If you ask me nicely, I might sing that song for you; I’ve known it since I was four years old.)

The Artisan Center is on Franklin Street in Rocky Mount. I’ve been with them since they opened. Click here to see my bio.

*****separation indicator******

One Block East Gallery is on the corner of Campbell Ave. and Williamson Rd. in downtown Roanoke, VA. It’s in an historical building, sharing space with the temporarily homed historical museum. The gallery is beautiful with plenty of natural light and a plethora of local artists’ work. I refreshed my pieces with some new sculptures. (Those funky teapot sculptures in the window above are mine too.)

Through the Veil, Little Spot in the Box, and Time for Tea

Drink Your Milk, and Cookies and Milk

The gallery owner is wonderful in her pairings of works. My teapot sculpture above goes so nicely with the displayed jewelry and scarves. Debbie loves to place items by color scheme; the effect is fabulous. The gallery is full of an eclectic mix of works and they all fit together wonderfully.

A few other pieces I have there are Star Gazing, and Pop’s Vices.

Next week: Gallery 108 gets a refresher course in Heather Brush.




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