Blown by the winds of time

Blown by the winds of time

12″ x 18″   Blown by the winds of time is an assemblage in my tree series. There is irony in this post, as I was trying to compose it on the evening of the 6/29/12 wind storm that Virginia caught the brunt of. The east coast felt the result in millions without power; Virginia lost six people to the storm. As I finished this piece, took its photo and prepared to give it a spot here on the blog, the winds were whipping straight through the area at 80 mph at times. Countless trees were whipped and blown, toppled and felled.

I love the texture and color of old barbed wire and rusty metal; it’s rich and full of history. This wire came from a fellow artist’s farm, and another ancient farm that used to be behind my home. The rusty metal on the base was found on a hike with my kids last Thanksgiving day in Rocky Mount, VA. They are used to me carrying things out of the woods and storing them away until needed. What? It’s only been seven months! The box that the metal covers is an old cigar box; I have no idea how long I’ve had that in the studio. Things just pile up in there, waiting to become art.

By Heather Brush. For sale.


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