Sweet spot in the box

4″ x  6″   Sweet spot in the box is my assemblage tea version of a Jack in the Box. I always loved the thrill of turning the crank as a young child, waiting for the sproing of the clown to jump up and scare me. Here, I offer a fanciful spot of tea in reminder to enjoy the thrills of life, whether in a moment of reflection in a cup of relaxation or in the little jump we have in reaction to surprise.

The cup and saucer called the shots on this piece. I knew I wanted to do something whimsicle with them. I had the wooden tea box from a Goodwill trip. It is adorned with tea bags, with tea leaves for texture. Inside is an antique hanky. The tea cup and saucer are mounted on a wire spring and move freely as any good Jack in the Box should. The “tea” is made of glass beads. Be careful! It’s spilling over one edge.

In the lid is a finer quality tea bag, filled with more glass beads. And to the right hand side, a metal turn key completes the image of child’s toy.

By Heather Brush. For sale.


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