Singing Praises

Singing Praises

7″ x 15″  Singing Praises is an assemblage piece that truly pulled itself together. All I did was make sure it stayed that way. The hymnal is very old and I love the patina of it. I was flipping through it to find a particular song to pull out and use when I found this slip of paper at the page I’ve used in the background. Look closely at it and you can make out the words “God be.” I envisioned a young child being kept quiet in a pew, her mother giving her the paper and a pencil to practice her writing.

Singing Praises

As I was composing the piece, I knew I needed something more, and wanted a pencil that would point out the image I had of the girl in the pew. I searched my studio and luckily found this Jesus Christ pencil. I’m not at all sure where it came from, but there it was. Still, I needed something more.

Singing Praises

I went to my favorite antique mall, where they know me all too well. While strolling down the last aisle, an all-for-one-price basket of rusty goodness in one hand, I spotted this cross. Even in this very religious area that I live in, this piece is kind of unique. I knew it was what I needed right away. So I brought it home, and finished “Singing Praises.”

By Heather Brush. For sale.


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