Boxed Beauty

Boxed Beauty

8″ x 16″ open.  Boxed Beauty is an assemblage piece in a series I am doing that include books. This one is centered on a book I found at Goodwill that was published in 1955, titled, The Handbook of Beauty.

Boxed Beauty

With “over 100 detailed easy-to-follow illustrations” I wanted to showcase the book in a way that viewers could interact, and see the inside. So, I glued sections together so they would stay stiff and sturdy and used bobby pins to “bookmark” certain pages. Hairstyles, how to apply make up, posture advice and so on. How are we modern women becoming beautiful without this book? 😉

Boxed Beauty

The box lid holds a few tools for the lady, including an antique pin, perfume bottle, some pearls and a compact to check her lipstick with. There is a section of advice under the mirror that tells a lady how proportioned she is supposed to be: “A waistline 7 to 9 inches smaller than your bust.”

Boxed Beauty

The piece can be made to stay open and hang on a wall, or it can be partially open and sit on a shelf. Boxed Beauty is posted for day 29 of Art Every Day Month. By Heather Brush. For sale.

Boxed Beauty



4 responses to “Boxed Beauty

  1. A lovely project and you have displayed the book very sensitively, really nice!

  2. this is really lovely… I loved assemblage when I was at college and a sculpture major, but haven’t thought off it for years…. but this gets me thinking… I need to explore more… great piece xx

  3. enoyed my visit to your blog so much today. lovely, lovely work, heather!

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