Azure Obscured

Azure Obscured

4″ x 8″  Azure Obscured is a mixed media canvas I did in experimentation of color and texture. I was inspired by the fall blue sky and a song Regina Spektor sings about the color blue. This piece uses acrylic, modge podge, pattern and tissue papers, oil pastel, chalk and pencil.

Azure Obscured


Azure Obscured

I love playing with color; no color is purely one. By Heather Brush. For sale.

This piece is posted for day 28 of Art Every Day Month.


4 responses to “Azure Obscured

  1. the textures in this look so beautiful… yes, definitely inspired by sky.
    (one could even see earth & ocean). Lovely work.
    thanks for posting. xoxo

  2. I love that song and now I am going to be playing it all day… this is just a perfect melding of music and image in my brain… lovely xx

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