Captured for Eternity

Captured for Eternity

5″ x 17″  Captured for Eternity is an assemblage piece in honor of photography. For those who remember actual film. The base was a candle tray, found at Goodwill. Lining it are photo negatives from my own stash. I was a photog fanatic back in high school and college. The Brownie camera is one I’d picked up at a junk shop: an icon of American photo taking. The pictures are from an antique photo album I’d found at a small shop a couple of years ago, just for projects such as this. I love the feel of them, the family love they embody, the innocence.

Captured for Eternity

The quote around the edge is credited to Brigitte Bardot: “A photograph can be an instant of life captured for eternity, that will never cease looking back at you.”


Captured for Eternity

Captured for Eternity

This piece is posted for day 27 of Art Every Day Month. By Heather Brush. For sale.


One response to “Captured for Eternity

  1. Fantastic! I used to possess a Brownie camera, thanks for the memories. It is also a remarkable piece of work. Love how you have constructed it!

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