It’s Just Old Light

It's Just Old Light

5″ x 5″  It’s Just Old Light is a mixed media piece on tiny box canvas. I was playing with texture and color in answer to inspiration from Regina Spektor and a song in which she sings about the stars and how they are just old light. I wanted to capture the depth of colors in the night sky but also the vibrance of starlight. Not sure I answered my inner vision, but I like the way it came out.

It's Just Old Light

I used acrylic, modge podged bits of pattern paper, and oil pastel blended with linseed oil. The stars are bits of mirror.

This piece is posted for day 20 of Art Every Day Month. By Heather Brush. For sale.

4 responses to “It’s Just Old Light

  1. Oh my!! That is so cool. Love the mirror bits for stars! You really captured a night sky. Man! Love it!

  2. Love, love all that rich texture and layers of interest!

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