6″  x  8″  Sweetheart is an assemblage piece that can hang on the wall or sit on a shelf; she is part of my people series. Created in half of a cigar box, lined with one of my favorite things to use – pattern paper, she consists of bits and pieces. An antique compact and heart pendant make up her torso while a string of nice fake pearls represent her arms and legs, and her face. Framing her pearlish face is a bit of metal my dad had dug up with his metal detector. It seems to have been a pendant.


This piece is posted for day 9 of Art Every Day Month.

By Heather Brush. For sale.

3 responses to “Sweetheart

  1. She shines with delight….loving this piece.

  2. Just love her!!! 🙂
    Gwen xx

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