Music Man

Music Man

SOLD    6″  x  11″  Music Man is an assemblage sculpture in honor of my many “music man” friends. It’s funny how music people and art people tend to  be friends and even one in the same. This guy is made of bits and pieces I had on hand (read that as art stuff hoarder). The legs are the tuning pegs from a guitar (it was an already dead guitar, actually just the tip of the neck I found on the street one night. seriously.) and the arms are braided guitar strings. The body is a guitar shaped cookie cutter and the head is a mini cow bell. I had so much fun putting Music Man together – he came together so nicely!

Music Man

Music Man

This piece is posted for day 7 of Art Every Day Month. Assemblage art is so satisfying – recycling, upcycling, creating from things that might otherwise be overlooked. Here’s to the music men (and women!)!

Music Man

By Heather Brush. For sale.

3 responses to “Music Man

  1. This is amazing!! I love it!

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