Little Altars

Little Altars

SOLD!   5″  x  9″   Little Altars is an assemblage that represents the abundance of religious icons available, yet it only offers a small portion of what is really out there. This piece is posted for day three of Art Every Day Month, in which I am participating. Art Every Day is a group that encourages each other to be creative in some way every day for the month of November.

Little Altars

Little Altars

Buddha, Lakshmi, Mary, Jesus, Earth Mother and more are here, in a box that is made from a whole hymnal. The covers create the box while the pages in the back create a visual and literal support.

Little Altars

By Heather Brush. For sale.

2 responses to “Little Altars

  1. Oh oh oh…I love this so much!!!!!! I love little altars. I think it’s my decor style. LOL This is a wonderful assemblage. Will it be at Liminal?

  2. Hi Lisa! Thanks! glad you like it! No this won’t be at Liminal. I have two pieces there already. I blogged about them…um, I think it was titled Dead, Dead, Dead. Not sure. Or Remember Your Dead. Anyway, those are a bingo cage piece with “candy” skulls inside and an ouiji board box assemblage. Not sure where this little altar piece will get to display. I’m working ona series that incorporates books, and hope to show the whole series together. Maybe City Bliss.

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