The Return

The Return

5″  x  11″   The Return is a hanging assemblage piece that marks the return to Art Every Day month. I joined this group last year and enjoyed it so much I couldn’t wait to do it again. The idea is to create and post about some kind of art, once a day, for the month of November.  This piece was started awhile back but just polished and finished.

The Return

I used a wooden candle tray for a base and added some dominoes for texture. The book was one that called to me to use it for its graphic. I am drawn to the red door. The findings were picked up here and there, all seperately, yet they go so well together. Doorbell, knob, plate and “key”. And the Doorbell Rang. It brought to mind the awaited return of someone to a bittersweet reunion.

The Return

By Heather Brush. For Sale.


3 responses to “The Return

  1. Very cool! It’ll be a fun month again!

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