Moon Milk

Moon Milk

8″ round.    Moon Milk is an assemblage piece in my tea pot series, though technically the cow is a pitcher, not a tea pot. The cup is one I have had for years, found at a yard sale. It is an antique child’s cup, in the shape of the man in the moon. The cow pitcher is also an antique, in surprisingly similar coloring to the cup. They belonged together. To make it a fun piece I felt the cow needed to be jumping over the moon, and she pours “milk” along the way.

Moon Milk

The “milk” is created from antique beads and sequins. The base of the piece is a silvertoned trivet. The sign to the left of the cow is created from an antique silver frame and white glass beads. The piece is made to hang.

Moon Milk

This piece is currently on exhibit, and for sale, at One Block East on Campbell Avenue in Roanoke. (Roanoke’s newest gallery!)

By Heather Brush.


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