Woodpile Tree

Woodpile Tree

18 1/2″  x  21 1/2″   Woodpile Tree is an assemblage piece in my tree series. Old dominoes make up the tree, hence the name “woodpile” from a term used in the game for the pile players take their pieces from. Also known as the “boneyard,” which I like better, but since the dominoes are not of bone, but of wood, I chose the more proper term. The box was a partitioned shadowbox, which I renovated and lined with a greenish blue paper to give a bit of color.

Woodpile Tree

Woodpile Tree

Woodpile Tree

Woodpile Tree

Among the old dominoes, I found one hand made replacement piece. I love the look and feel of it and rather than it being lost among the branches of the tree, I felt it needed some attention. It sits at the base of the tree, adhered to the magestic box frame. The work can be hung, or stand alone.

By Heather Brush. For sale.


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