Childsplay Tree

Childsplay Tree

9″ x 20″  Childsplay Tree is an assemblage piece in my Tree Series. Imagining how a child envisions a tree using building blocks was pretty easy for me. I’ve never quite grown up and I spent countless hours with my own kids playing with blocks and other toys. Watching the creation of something through their minds has always been inspirational. Though my kids are teenagers now, I cherish that time spent with them.

This piece allowed me to be in those moments again, and make them permanent.

Childsplay Tree

The theme of this series is Trees in Boxes, so I used a set of children’s stacking boxes, covered in sewing pattern paper to give them a more united appearance on the outside. The inside colors are original and evoke nature’s colors. The tree is comprised of building blocks, a wooden yo-yo and Lincoln Logs.

Childsplay Tree

Childsplay Tree

Childsplay Tree

By Heather Brush. For sale.



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