Red’s Wolf

Red's Wolf

13″ x 17″  Red’s Wolf is an assemblage mixed media piece on canvas. The final piece in my fairy tale series (unless something compells me to continue); it is now my favorite in the series. As a very young child, my mother made me into Red Riding Hood for Halloween. It was my favorite costume. As an adult I relate to little red, turning away the wolf’s advances but being tricked when he disguises himself. It is the perfect innocence and wickedness story, where good triumphs over evil. It is my hope that my depiction shows the yin yang of the story, the need for both sides.

Red's Wolf

I used lightweight spackle to create the wolf and one of the trees. The other trees are made from sewing pattern paper. Red is simply a portion of a china doll head, and her red cloak is rag paper. The wolf sports a ragged coat including bits of old paintbrush.

Red's Wolf

By Heather Brush. For sale.

The artist, once upon a time.

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