7″ x 12″  Rose-Red is the beginning of a series I am working on that focuses on fairy tales. This assemblage piece depicts Rose-Red and bear from Grimms’ Snow-White and Rose-Red. The box is a clock case rescued from the Goodwill store. The inside is lined with altered paper on which I wrote a portion of the tale with pen and ink. This segment of the story tells how the sisters meet the bear and how their mother teaches them to expect the best in others and treat them kindly.

Rose-Red close up

Rose-Red and the bear rest under an iron tree.

Bear detail

Rose-Red detail

 This story was one of my favorite fairy tales as a child. Later in the tale the bear protects the girls from a wicked elf, and then reveals himself as a prince having been under a spell. I always wanted the younger Rose-Red to marry the prince but her sister Snow-White ends up as his bride, with Rose-Red marrying his brother (still a prince). But what I liked about the story is the lesson in karma it provides. What goes around comes around.

By Heather Brush. For sale $40, at The Artisan Center Along the Crooked Road, in Rocky Mount, VA.


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