Venus Re-birthed

Venus Re-birthed

10″ x 7″  Venus Re-birthed is the first stage of an assemblage piece that will be titled What is Beauty? that I hope to finish today. My deepest apologies to Botticelli. I fear if I were his student he would have thrown my to the street. I am pleased with the result though as it will lend well to the theme of the piece. Done in acrylic on the top of an antique jewelry box, by Heather Brush.

This is the last posting for Art Every Day Month. I have so enjoyed this challenge. While I didn’t quite post a bit of art every single day of November, I am happy with what I have completed during this personally challenging month. It’s not every day you adopt a teenager into your life!

I’ll still be here, getting my hands dirty, so please check back!


3 responses to “Venus Re-birthed

  1. What a gorgeous piece!! Love the hair!

    So glad you joined in and enjoyed it despite the challenging timing!

  2. She is beautiful! I really enjoyed AEDM, too, and have enjoyed discovering your blog here.

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