Joker’s House of Cards

Joker's House of Cards

10″ x 6″  Joker’s House of Cards is a shrine type assemblage. The crafted fool’s wand takes center stage, depicting the dangers of the wild card Joker.

fool's wand detail

A neverending ring of cards frames the joker’s image – a version of which I have always been unnerved by.

Joker detail

Antique cookie cutters of the suits adorn the piece and act as icon above the doorway. This joker relates himself to the Jack of Diamonds – an indication of his greed. The outside walls and stack of cards above are adorned and comprised of diamond knaves.

Joker's House of Cards side view

By Heather Brush. Joker’s House of Cards is available for sale at The Artisan Center Along the Crooked Road, in Rocky Mount, VA. $35.

Created and posted for day 8 of Art Every Day Month.

4 responses to “Joker’s House of Cards

  1. wow – you have some great stuff! come join the play over at Whimsical Wednesday:

  2. very creative ! enjoy aedm

  3. such a great piece!!

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