The Eye of Intuition – DISMANTLED

The Eye of Intuition

10″ x 10″ The Eye of Intuition is an assemblage work that incorporates a box made from a modern Ouija Board. The box is covered in cheese cloth, representing the veil between our world and the afterlife. A wire hand, holding the eye of knowledge, approaches the planchette. Bells are hung to give the spirits something easy to utilize to let us know they are present. Can you unlock the secrets to the afterlife? The magic eight ball rests above in a brass throne, waiting for you to pick it up and ask a question.

This piece was done in honor of The Day of the Dead…don’t forget to recognize your lost loved ones. It is also the first in my efforts to participate in Art Every Day.


The Eye of Intuition detail

detail of hand

The Eye of Intuition side view

5 responses to “The Eye of Intuition – DISMANTLED

  1. I love the assemblage! How clever.

  2. I like the esoteric ambiance… very nice!

  3. This is so cool! I love the side view and the way you incorporated the ouija board!

  4. All of assemblages rock! So cool.

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