Got a Notion

Got a Notion

8″ x  6″ Got a Notion is an assemblage piece representing the sewing notions that have almost been forgotten. Snaps, hooks and eyes line the edges while a paper pattern lines the inside and back. Packages of needles, cards of snaps, spools of thread, a crochet hook, a wire dress form and other odds and ends adorn a wooden box. Items from a time almost gone by, that Mom and Grandma taught me how to use. By Heather Brush. Got a Notion is available for sale at The Artisan Center Along the Crooked Road, in Rocky Mount, VA. $30.

Got a Notion left side view

Got a Notion right side view

Got a Notion rear view


4 responses to “Got a Notion

  1. Oh my gosh!!! I am so glad that Ibby turned me on to your art. Amazing!

  2. hi heather! so glad to have found your blog today. i really love your assemblage work. i have been cleaning out my art room and have some various metal pieces, just a small box of “stuff” that i was thinking some artist could use but didn’t know anyone who does assemblage. i tend to do more flat collage works. you are welcome to it. i could mail it or if you are in roanoke, drop it off to you someplace, if you like.

    • Tricia,
      That would be awesome! I’m just 20 minutes south of Roanoke and am there all the time. I’m sure we can meet up somewhere. I’d love to see your work!
      Thank you!

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