Home Remedy

Home Remedy

  SOLD  7″ x 9″ x 5″ Home Remedy is an assemblage piece. Assemblage is the art of gathering and presenting found objects in a thematic or simply pleasing format. This piece represents home remedies. The china head is something I found in a dump some 25 years ago. Here it represents the sick child, or a child forced to take a home tonic. His body and the two bottles in the front are antique medicine bottles from an old pharmacy in Patchogue, NY. The papers covering the outside of the box are over 100 years old, from a druggist company, Ayers, that made remedy concoctions. The cover of the booklet is on the back of the piece. The inside papers are from a home care booklet published in 1955 on taking care of baby. The top item is an antique pestle. 

Home Remedy  is available for sale at The Artisan Center Along the Crooked Road, in Rocky Mount, VA. $40.

Home Remedy side view

Home Remedy side view


Home Remedy rear view


Home Remedy


By Heather Brush

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