Little Bird

Little Bird

9″ x 12″ Little Bird is a mixed media work: ink over newspaper collage over acrylic over newspaper on canvas. A Little Bird Told Me.

The text on vellum reads: “The Ability of the Northern Mockingbird to imitate sounds is truly impreessive: some individuals can incorporate over 100 different phrases of as many different birds in their songs. Phrases are usually repeated, often quite a few times, and somewhat modified at each repetition. This species, once thought to be headed for extinction…”

The text below it reads: “A newspaper is a window through which men look out on all that is going on in the world. Without a newspaper a man is shut up in a small room, and knows little or nothing of what is happening outside of himself. In our day newspapers keep pace with history and record it. A good newspaper will keep a sensible man in sympathy with the world’s current history. It is an ever-unfolding encyclopedia; an unbound book forever issuing, and never finished. 1870”

By Heather Brush.


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