On the Line

On the Line

“On the Line” is a 4′ x 7″ mixed media assemblage by Heather Brush.

detailThe birds on the wire are made of upcycled antique Remington typewriter keys and key pads, wire, and wire ribbon. The background is collaged of bits of pages from antique children’s books.


Healing Angel


IMG_8081 Healing Angel is an altered book piece. She is roughly a foot tall and rotates on her stand. Created from an antique home medical reference book, her feathered wings are aged pages of obscurity.  Created by Heather Brush  IMG_8074IMG_8076 IMG_8079 IMG_8083


IMG_1935 Qwerty is a piece of wearable art, complete with necklace and earrings. This work created itself in my mind one night while I was trying to sleep. I’d been invited to participate in a Wearable Art Fashion Runway Show with portions of the proceeds to benefit the Children’s Miracle Network. I’ve never done any kind of wearable art before, other than tie dying! But I knew I had this wonderful antique crocheted chemise that I’ve been wanting to do something with for years. I must have gone to bed thinking of it because I woke in the night with a plan. The attack on the Remingtons would begin in the morning. IMG_1940 These type arms came from a portable version, a streamliner. And just so everyone knows who created this piece, my initials are front and center. It’s weird how that worked out. The keypads are from an older Remington and are attached by snaps to allow for washing. The ribbons, reminiscent of typewriter ribbon, are washable, as they are created from bias tape.  IMG_1937IMG_1933IMG_1945
To see this in person, and modeled live, plan on being at Wonderland Gallery the end of September. Here’s more info:

wearable art flyerOr go to www.wonderlandroanoke.com

For sale, unless my daughter snaps it up first. By Heather Brush.

Purple Haze


22″  x  22″,  Purple Haze is a glass on glass mosaic, ready to hang in a window or on a wall. Featuring an antique Moroccan glass octagonal plate  and bits and pieces of purple shards, this piece is full of color and shape.

IMG_1914The window was found at a Habitat for Humanity salvage store. The back side still holds some paint but this weathered side excited me; I love worn wood. I searched for few weeks for the perfect centerpiece for the mosaic and found it rather easily at a local antique mall, just down the road from my house. It was in the second booth I visited and I’m quite sure I embarrassed my 17 year old son by shouting, “This is PERFECT!”. I get excited when parts of my art fall into place. What can be better than that?

IMG_1922The backside is really just as pretty as the front. If someone wanted to display it this side out, I could easily work on the paint job and move the hangars.

IMG_1923Detail of back.

And for the inspiration of the title, here’s a link to that classic Hendrix.

For sale, by Heather Brush.

Pink Plate Special

IMG_165619″  X  20″    Pink Plate Special is a glass on glass mosaic. The piece is comprised of an antique window, depression glass pink plates and recycled pink glass shards. Ready to hang in a window or on the wall.

IMG_1658By Heather Brush. For sale.



Shattered Serenity


13″  X  15″   Shattered is a glass on glass (on glass) mosaic in gun metal patina frame. This frame and glass was found at a salvage shop and is an RV window. The glass bits are broken recycled candle jar and the face is ceramic Buddha-like icon. The face is multi-leveled, both behind and in front of the glass window. In effect, the shattered face is coming through the window.

IMG_1570IMG_1572 IMG_1567  IMG_1571 IMG_1569Ready to hang in a window or on a wall. For sale. By Heather Brush.

Plated Blush


14″  X   40″   Plated Blush is mosaic of glass on glass. Using depression era pink glass plates and bits and pieces of the same and other pink glass, the piece was created on an antique window frame. Nearly bare wood, faded with age and weather, with remnants of white. I loved the detail of the wooden pegged corners and dovetailed frame.

Ready to hang, this piece is for sale. By Heather Brush.IMG_1488

Different views in slightly different light.

IMG_1492 IMG_1493 IMG_1490

French Gem

French Gem










6″ x  8″  French Gem is an altered art piece in my angel series. Created from a 1966 Collins French Gem French-English Dictionary, she waits to aid in fluid conversation. I adored the blue edges of the little book and found they added nicely to the wings.



















Created and posted for day 20 of Art Every Day Month, by Heather Brush. For sale.


You Can’t Bank Time

You Can’t Bank Time










6″ x 8″  You Can’t Bank Time is an assemblage piece posted for day 19 of Art Every Day Month. The silver bank was my inspiration for the work as I pondered what we really use banks for nowadays. They are somewhat obsolete. Then, thinking of what we cannot save, the obvious is time, no matter how much we would like to.













On a copperish green landscape of a sundial, the silver pig stands firm as someone tries to bank time. A watch face, hour glass, pocket watch, clock hands and silver beads representing seconds of time, hover but cannot be stashed away.

By Heather Brush, for sale.










4″ x  6″  Sisters are two more golden angels or fairies in assemblage form, ready to hang. Leaves of gold, buttons, beads, keys, combine to make pretty little things.

This post is up for day 17 of Art Every Day Month. By Heather Brush, for sale.